Thermal and Electrical Insulation Films & Tapes

Creative Global Services (CGS) is a leading supplier of thermal and electrical insulation films & tapes. We provide excellent services, UL listed quality products, and competitive prices. As a partner, we make it our goal to understand the process, design, and cost target of your requirements. Our manufacturing and converting division incorporates state of the art equipment and processes to meet today’s demanding market, with precision and minimal lead time. Our focus is on industry and we are dedicated to delivering solutions driven by innovation, performance and reliability.


CGS have many years of experience in a broad range of industry, such as electronics, wire & cable, metal finishing, transformer and electric motor. We view our broad expertise as a strength. It expands our horizons and helps us develop new ideas. Our expertise is based on clearly structured internal processes along with careful and impartial analysis of customer requirements. CGS sales associates are trained to assist the customer in locating the best quality material to fit the application.