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CGS-7358 series is made with general purpose HN film that is coated or laminated on one or both sides with FEP. It imparts heat sealability, Provides a moisture barrier, and enhanced chemical resistance.

Features: Applications: Certification:
Heat Sealability Tubing ASTM D-5213, type 2
High Electrical Resistance Heater circuits ROHS/Reach
High-Temperature Resistance Heat sealable bags    
Good Chemical Resistance Electrical insulation    
Product Number Description Total Thickness Mils Tensile Strength psi Elongation(%) Dielectric Strength
CGS-7358(616) 0.1 Mil FEP/1 Mil Polyimide /0.1 Mil FEP 1.2 24,000 40 5000
CGS-7358(616B) 0.2 Mil FEP/1 Mil Polyimide /0.1 Mil FEP 1.4 24,000 40 4500
CGS-7358(616S) 0.3 Mil FEP/1 Mil Polyimide /0.1 Mil FEP 1.6 24,000 40 4500
CGS-7358(019) 1 Mil Polyimide /0.5 Mil FEP 1.5 24,000 40 4000
CGS-7358(029) 2 Mil Polyimide /0.5 Mil FEP 2.5 24,000 40 4200
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