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Woven fiberglass tapes have a wide range of uses in the electrical equipment market. They provide excellent tensile strength, electrical insulation, thermal insulation, dimensional stability and thermal endurance.

Features: Applications:  
Heat, Spark and Flame Resistant Insulating, Consolidating and    
Superior Electrical Properties   Finishing Tapes in All Types of    
High Tensile Strength   Electrical Equipment    
Low Thermal Conductivity        
Product Number Backing Thickness
Width (inch) Density (strand/cm) Tensile Strength lbs(N/cm) Texture
Nominal Tolerance Warp Weft
CGS-3357 Fiberglass 4 3/4", 1" ±0.05 22±1 11±1 228(400) Plain Weave
CGS-3358 Fiberglass 5 1", 2" ±0.05 27±2 11±1 340(600) Plain Weave
CGS-3458 Fiberglass 7 1", 1.5" ±0.05 20±1 10±1 397(700) Plain Weave
CGS-3558 Fiberglass 10 1", 1.5" ±0.05 19±1 11±1 450(800) Plain Weave
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