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Value Add Services

1. Die-cutting:

    We have die-cut capabilities to sheet, butt-cut, kiss-cut, or die-cut polyimide tape and film to almost any size and shape you need:

1mil, 2mil, 5mil polyimdie tape discs., squares, rectangles, donuts.
1mil, 2mil, 3mil, 5mil polyimide film sheet, circle, donuts, rectangles.

2. Slitting and rewinding, and spooling:

    CGS has the ability to custom slit the polyimide adhesive tape as narrow as 1/8" and up to 40" wide, and custom rewind-slitting 1mil, 2mil 3mil and 5mil thickness polyimide film from 1/4" width and up to 40" wide. we also could spool winding( Universal package) FEP coated polyimide film( 616 , 019 and 919 ) on 3" core with the length at 20,000 ft.

Customslitting  Rewinding Spoolreel
3.  Sheeting:

    Our sheeting and shear cutting services will arrow us cut any thickness and size polyimide  film for your need.


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